Download Fixed TOC 3.1.13 Free (Updated) – Table of Contents for WordPress

Fixed TOC is a WordPress plugin powerful it can automatically scan the header tags h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 from the article content and create a table of contents, and pinned fixed in the article content from which users can quickly find the content they want.

Download Fixed Toc 3.1.13 Free
Download Fixed Toc 3.1.13 Free

What does the Fixed TOC 3.1.13 plugin do?

Creating a table of contents for readers is easier to find.
Most importantly – create a child link when searching on Google (Figure 1).
You can Google to type: “Dịch vụ SEO” is seen (a few posts that have not been index).

Compare TOC + and Fixed TOC plugins:

  • Fixed TOC was faster than Google index TOC +.
  • Fixed TOC must buy ($ 20), TOC + free.
  • Better fixed mobile TOC support, higher customization capabilities.
  • Fixed TOC supports many features and has a unique sidebar feature.
  • Code Fixed TOC is cleaner than TOC + (you can see the source is seen).
  • TOC + not get updated 3 years ago, Fixed TOC update dated 21/01/2019.
  • Fixed TOC is updated more but I just simplicity => select TOC +.
  • Fixed TOC has a left sidebar when dragging and dragging it to the side you don’t know how to turn off (no display: none).
Fixed Toc Support Mobile Very Good
Fixed Toc Support Mobile Very Good

Instructions for using Fixed TOC 3.1.13 to create table of contents for WordPress

1. Install and activate Fixed TOC

Proceed to upload plugins and install normally like other wordpress plugins.

After installing, go to the wordpress installation screen with Dashboard> Setting> Fixed TOC:

Fixed Toc Settings Gocvietstar Optimized

Click “Enable Fixed TOC” and “Post types” to activate the table of contents on the pages.

2. Customize the Fixed TOC interface

To customize the interface as you like, go to Dashboard> Customize> Fixed TOC Plugin.

Customize The Fixed Toc Interface Dịch Vụ Seo Herius Nguyễn

Here you can customize functions such as position, size, text color, position, and colors at will.

3. Instructions for writing index in Fixed TOC 3.1.13

Installing the Fixed TOC plugin is only the first step to creating the wordpress index, because Fixed TOC takes the h1 to h6 tags as indexes so when writing the article you need to insert these tags inside the content of each article. let it show up on the website and Google search.

The simplest way is to use the h2 tag in the main content of the article and h3 to h6 as the secondary content, Fixed TOC will automatically create a table of contents for you.

Fixed TOC WordPress Plugin 3.1.13 Download:


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