Instructions for creating audio spectrum music visualizations online needn’t After Effect




Visualizing music is easy! Drop your audio or music files and get audio spectrum music visualizations online. I will create stunning audio spectrum or music visualizer.

Now, I begin: ” Instructions for creating audio spectrum music visualizations online needn’t After Effect”

Before creating audio spectrum music visualizations online (online music waves), you have to prepare some of the previous tools as follows:
– Screen recording software (OBS Studio, FlashBack Express, Camtasia, FastStone Capture).
– Software to split black background (After Effect, Camtasia, Pre …)
– Prepare a number of songs for you.
Hướng dẫn tạo sóng nhạc online không cần After Effect hay các phần mềm nào khác
Instructions for creating audio spectrum music visualizations online needn’t After Effect
1. First, visit the website:
Remember to open incognito mode on FireFox or Chrome to remove music! Encourage using firefox
– Here you will get a lot of audio spectrum music visualizations effects for yourself. To change other audio spectrum music visualizations,
You press F5 to download new music.
2. Here you have 2 ways to insert music into your website:
Method 1: You can download an MP3 music file to your computer, then drag and drop the Music file onto the website.
– Remember to pull in and use the words: “Pull a song here to start
Method 2: You can use the online link from to insert into the website.
– Click on the cloud icon in the right hand corner of the screen to insert the music link into it.
3. How to edit audio spectrum music visualizations effect in the song.
– Each visualizations for music has its own default, but you can change it completely.
This music visualizations depends on your creativity.
Here I will guide you to edit some basic parameters on the audio spectrum music visualizations for you.
Can find out:
First: the “3 BRICKS” button on the left corner of the screen is a button to edit the spectrum music visualizations, You
Click on it to change the parameters.
Next: The item has the square box “0 to n” above the Background item, which is the spectrum music visualizations which you can create in your default spectrum music visualizations.
The ScaleX and ScaleY ((imgr * 2.4) / max (max ((maxlowval + 70) / 50, 0) * 1.2, 0.8) are
Edit your image size when you use the circular waveform.
The color part is the color correction part of the spectrum music visualizations.
Part Type is the section to select the category for waves: Including IMAGE: is to insert images.
Freq is the default, Text is inserted. At the text you can adjust the size
Text in FontSize.
There are also PosX and PosY items to align spectrum music visualizations position ..
The rest is due to your creativity to create the best music for you.
Note: To hide the entire text on the website, press F1. To show it again press F1 again.
Note: In the text you have to write it in the quotation marks. For example, “Herius Nguyen”
Wish you have a great online music product for you.
Thank you for watching Video <3
Below is a video tutorial to create online music:



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